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CPAP therapy for sleep apnea helps a person breathe easier while they are sleeping. Continuous positive airway pressure therapy uses a machine that increases the pressure of the air in their throat. This keeps their air passage from collapsing whenever they breathe in. When one uses this therapeutic treatment, it allows them and their partner to sleep better. This is the most common remedy for sleep apnea, which is why this therapy was created.

Continuous positive airway pressure is used each night while one is sleeping. This best cpap machine has a mask that will cover the nose or one that will cover the nose and mouth. The nose mask is the most common one used. There is also one that has prongs that fit in your nose. All of these increase the air pressure in the throat. This method is the most effective method that does not require surgery.Image result for cpap machine

There are different types of machines that have different types of air pressure. The force of air can be adjusted so that the inhaling air flow is the same, more or less than the flow that comes when one exhales. These can be adjusted to your level of comfort.

One may not be comfortable with using the machine at first. If the discomfort is still there after some time has passed, a doctor can suggest another kind of mask or adjust the existing one. Moderate to severe sleep apnea are usually treated by using CPAP. It has also been known to lower blood pressure. If one has just a mild case of sleep apnea, this remedy may not work. They may have to find another solution.

While this remedy works for those who suffer from sleep apnea, there are just a few issues that may arise. Some people have been known to have dreams and nightmares in the beginning. The air can also cause a sore throat and a dry nose. At the same time the opposite could happen resulting in a runny nose and nasal congestion. If the mask is not fitted right, there could possibly be air leaks. Doctors can help eliminate some of the issues that may arise.

At first, a physician will more than likely start the machine on a low air pressure setting that increases when you go to sleep. This will get one used to the air pressure in their nose and eliminate the discomfort that a lot of air can cause. For congestion the doctors may suggest nasal decongestants to help out.

Sleep studies are done that enable doctors to see how one is adjusting to the mask. They monitor it to see if it is working, and to see if they need to change the air pressure. A sleep study will usually require you to stay at a clinic or hospital overnight.

Since the mask is expensive, a machine can be rented before purchasing it. This will allow one to see if CPAP Therapy for sleep apnea is the remedy for them. Some do not use the machine every night for different reasons. Once one is used to using the mask, it will become more easy to get used to wearing.

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