Your Success is in Your Own Hands

Skill and value must be rewarded, especially if you can bring your establishment to greater heights. This is an essential truth in any business, especially if such a business is geared for excellence and quality.

If you know and feel that you are not being properly compensated for your services, then you have every right in the world to ask for a raise. How you say this, however, will determine your success or failure.

Coming across as brash and demanding will only bring trouble your way, and could really cost you your job if you rub your boss the wrong way. Even if you do manage to secure a raise, you will be sacrificing the future of your career if you focus too much on boosting your immediate salary (check our 7th pay commission salary calculator) .

Your boss is the most important person at work – from your salary raise to your promotion, everything depends on him. While a good boss can lay the foundation of your success, a bad boss can make your work environment miserable and each day a painful experience. In either case, understanding the psychology of your boss will help you create the right relationship with him.You can calculate your pension with our NPS calculator.

Disgruntled subordinates, threatened superiors and predatory peers make a career-poisoning cocktail that can drown out even the most promising talents. Damned if you do; damned if you don’t.

I remembered what went wrong as I was asking for a raise, and then I remembered what my subordinates did wrong when they asked for a raise. On the flipside, I remembered what did work for me as a manager. I took down the names of the people I gave the thumbs up to, and I listed down just how their unique tactics worked on me. I did not stop there, however. I also went around and did my own independent research on how other people give the thumbs up to a raise.

I noticed that I focused too much on gunning for the raise that my boss did not actually see just why he should give me a raise in the first place. I still remember how my boss gave me weird looks for about a month or two after that embarrassing incident. Guess all that rushing too much didn’t get me anywhere, huh?

It All Boils Down How You Negotiate

Imagine yourself:

"Get pay raise"…earning more than 25% what you are earning right now!

…making more money while getting along wonderfully with everyone else at work!

…achieving a sense of relevance and importance in your job!

…getting motivated to perform significantly better and do an outstanding job at work!

 …getting ready for that big promotion – and expecting even more money in return!

It’s true, we all need more money than we are currently making and there are two ways you can achieve this – by shifting to a better paying company or by asking for a raise in your current job. I understand that you, like myself, think that the second option works best but how to ask for a raise ?

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